In the hustle and bustle of the modern world the stress from work, home or even caused by periods of hard training or dieting can lead to you feeling under the weather, under performing and not feeling your usual self.

When we consider that getting enough essential nutrients in the diet can be challenging, you can help support your body’s fight against illness, and reduce the effects of stress by supporting a healthy immune system with the use of essential vitamins and minerals.

One stress we can’t often avoid is environmental stress. The toxins in the atmosphere present from pollution from traffic, industry and second-hand smoke can increase the risk of oxidative damage which can lead to increased rates of ageing and even illness. In order to combat the negative effects of this unavoidable stress, we stock a wide range of different antioxidants that support the body, including our main detoxifying organs the liver and kidneys, against the damage caused by many of the unavoidable by-products of modern living.

One of the most important essential nutrients many people are deficient in one form or another is the Omega fatty acids. These are an essential nutrient that must be obtained as part of the diet and Omega 3 in particular is important for promoting healthy skin, joints, immune and brain function and its anti-inflammatory and heart protective effects. Unfortunately, many people do not consume enough Omega 3 to gain the maximum benefit, but our range of Omega 3, made from only quality sources, is a great way to conveniently provide all these awesome benefits.

Products derived from coconut are becoming increasingly popular ways to boost health and well-being and for good reason; many of the nutrients contained inside coconut have amazing health-giving benefits, supporting everything from improved levels of energy, promoting healthy hair and skin to having anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects that fight off illness.

In the fast paced modern world, it is sometimes difficult to ensure we are protecting our bodies against the stress and strain of daily living. So, for those who may be struggling to eat the right amount of the right foods that are essential to protect our body’s, or for those who need the extra support, then we have everything you need to support your health and promote well-being.

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