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XL-F02 Medical Infrared Thermometer for Body and Surface Temperature

£9.99 £11.99 (Inc VAT )
  • XL- F02 Medical Infrared Thermometer for Body and Surface Temperature
  • PRACTICAL & EASY SOLUTION: The XL- F02 infrared digital thermometer is a must-have tool in every home! Easy to use, practical, and super versatile, this no-touch thermometer allows us to assess anyone’s temperature in a quick second
  • HOW TO USE IT: All you have to do to check someone’s temperature is point the infrared thermometer at their forehead and press the on button. The device will display an accurate temperature within seconds in a colour-coordinated system that lets you know if the value is within the norm.
  • ACCURATE READING: This high-end infrared body thermometer has passed clinical tests that certify its accuracy. It has a 0.1-degree C display accuracy for more security. It can display the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit on a large LCD that is very easy to read.
  • CONTACTLESS USE: Unlike regular body thermometers, our no-touch thermometer relies on infrared technology that allows you to avoid direct skin contact and thus the spread of microorganisms. It has a functioning distance of 5-10 cm and does not require disposable protection guards.
  • MANY USES: One of the best parts about the XL- F02 digital thermometer forehead is that it can also be used to measure the temperature of many foods and liquids, so you can draw a nice bath or heat your baby’s bottle to just the right temperature.

GENIAL Digital Thermometer T17 Orange – CE/FC Certified

£2.99 £3.59 (Inc VAT )
Genial Digital Thermometer has the following specifications: ★ CLINICALLY HIGH ACCURACY: The digital thermometer is a small size clinically accurate thermometer with high precision at ±0.1ºC in range of 32.0-42.9°C. Measures Body Temperature to 1/10th of a degree precision(e.g. 36.2 °C) in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Measurement units can be switchable between ℉ and ℃ according to preference. A good choice for families, schools, hospitals and clinics. ★ EASY TO USE AND SAFE: Just turn on the thermometer, place the probe under the tongue and closed the mouth for about 90 seconds to finish a measurement. An Alarm Beeping indicates the completion of the measurement. Memory function shows the last temperature reading on the LCD display after power. ★ COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Extra soft and flexible tip, you’re assured of quick and comfortable measurements for your entire family. The waterproof tip allows you to clean the thermometer easily by wiping or rinsing. ★ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Suitable for measuring not only oral temperature but also rectal and axillary temperature. For hygienic reasons, stay with the same measuring method with the same thermometer. ★ DURABLE AND LONG BATTERY LIFE: Estimated 5 years under normal operation and storage. Approximately 100 hours for continuous use of each battery. Auto shut/off to save battery life.

FTW01 Digital Infrared Clinical Thermometer

£9.99 £11.99 (Inc VAT )

Products Features

  • FTW01 is a Non-Contact Digital Infrared Clinical Forehead Thermometer for body and surface temperature measurement
  • Fast and Accurate Readings: Getting reliable and accurate readings within 1s, and accurate to within 0.1℉. Professional ABS materials, safer than the traditional mercury thermometer.
  • Non-Contact Design: No need to touch the body, aim the probe at the forehead and keep a certain distance, you can immediately read the body temperature by pressing the button.
  • Fever Alarm: Three-color backlight, Provide high-temperature notification function: Green backlight for normal body temperature (34.0℃-37.4℃/93.2℉-99.4℉); Blue backlight for low fever (37.5℃-38.5℃/99.5℉-101.3℉); Red backlight for high fever (38.6℃-43.0℃/101.4℉-109.4℉).
  • Muti-Mode Thermometer: The temporal thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. In addition to measuring human, it can also measure a room, and another object temperature. A great choice for home, nursery, travel, clinic, school.
  • Large Backlight LCD Monitor: In the darkroom for your sleeping baby to measure temperature, to see the body temperature, or for people with poor eyesight convenience.
  • Power: 2*AAA batteries (not included).

Disposable Face Masks Blue 3ply – Pack of 10

£1.00 £1.20 (Inc VAT )

Products Features

  • FACE MASKS: 10 blue disposable 3ply face masks in a sealed package. 
  • 3 LAYER CONSTRUCTION: made of non-woven fibre fabric with 3/4 layer, soft and breathable, provides effective protection; They are non-toxic and suitable for sensitive skin with zero chemical smell for your comfort.
  • ELASTIC EAR-LOOP: with good elastic ear-loop, which can be adjusted its tightness; One size for most adult men or women.
  • MULTI USAGE: Mask is suitable for gardening work, pet grooming, nail shop, home cleaning, sanitary masks, dust protectors, salons, general maintenance or general or daily use.
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE - The full pleated design provides maximum face coverage and allows unrestricted breathing - especially important during long periods of wear.
  • FLEXIBLE FIT - Internal metal noseband runs the width of the mask to allow a closer, more comfortable fit.

Dr Johnson’s Antiseptic Disinfectant Original – 500ml

£1.49 £1.79 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

  • Dr Johnson's Disinfectant is safe, gentle and antiseptic making it perfect for family use
  • Its powerful disinfectant action helps to kill 99,9 % of bacteria including E.Coli making it ideal for household cleaning too
  • Dr Johnsons Antiseptic Disinfectant contains amongst other ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride 1.2 % w/w as active substance, Perfume, Limonene Conforms to BS EN1276:2009 and kills 99,9% Bacteria

Effective Disposable 3-Layer Face Mask Ear-Loop Type (Box of 50)

£4.99 £5.99 (Inc VAT )

Products Features

  • Box of 50 Disposable 3 PLY Face Masks
  • High-efficiency protective grade material
  • Multilayer stereoscopic design
  • High-quality bridge strips are easy to fix
  • High elastic earring is comfortable to wear
  • Skin-friendly breathable for adult face shape
  • Three layers of protection
  • Breathable Ventilate
  • CE Mark
For a wider variety of masks Click Here< Science Behind How Face Masks Prevent Covid-19

Face Mask Fitness Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filter Sports Masks Designs for Cycling or Training

  • Sports Masks Replaceable Filter: The 5-layers filters with activated carbon could effective filtration of 0.3 um microparticles, the filtration rate is above 95%.
  • Comfortable fit and Good Seal: These very important characteristics are present in the sports masks because it has a stretchable and lightweight material allows the masks to adjust efficiently to varying facial features, sealing around the face.
  • Easy Cleaning: The sports masks shells can be reusable and washable. They are made with soft and washable polyester fabric (diving- neoprene) material extending the durability of the filters.
  • One-way Breathing Valve:  Helps to a more effortless exhalation than conventional masks preventing humidity, the uneasy heat and the suffocating carbon dioxide presence
  • Adjustable Nose Clip: Allows you to create a better seal around your nose to prevent moisture from entering or leaving the mask.
  • Ear Loop and Strap: Both designs are ideal for performing any kind of physical activity because the neoprene veil material prevents the mask from sliding off the face.

Fashion Face Mask for Kids

The fashion face mask for kids is made of polyester easy to wear and off. It is windproof, dust-proof and anti-fog, which can effectively filter harmful gases and particles, and has a protective effect on health. The thickened ears hook is comfortable to wear, suitable for most people. The Fashion Mask perfect for kids. Suitable for wearing indoor household and outdoor travel, train, airport, street, and any other public places. Perfect for protecting you from Dust, Allergies, Fog, Smoke, Pollution, etc. Just enjoy a clean and healthy environment freely! Can be washed and reused.  

Since the pandemic, the need for quality medical supplies and products have risen dramatically not just in the UK, but across the globe as well; so much so that the drug stores are not able to keep up with the demand and with the constant lockdowns and the fear of getting infected has made people looking for other options. If you are someone who is looking to order medical supplies online, then you are at the best site to serve your needs, as Nayble Ltd is able to fulfil your requirements with our diverse range of medical supplies available for sale online for your convenience. And also we have our fiscal store as well as online. So you can pick up order offline also. Our shop is located in central London which make it an easy location to find.

Whatever your requirement is, whether you are looking for disposable wipes or gloves, or maybe you are looking to shop for PPE or hand sanitisers, we have it all for you at our online shop, with guaranteed free shipping on all orders above £100 within the UK; we also deliver across EU. Customer satisfaction has always been our topmost priority and drives behind our work, so if you have any queries in regards to any of our products or shipping, feel free to reach out to us immediately. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfactory solutions.


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