Slide Clinell group - nayble Clinell Universal Wipes Clinell Universal Wipes are Effective Against Coronavirus in 30 Seconds Slide Clinell hand gel - nayble Clinell Hand Sanitising Gels Fast-acting, easy-dry gel instantly sanitises hands without need for soap and water. Skin-friendly, blend of 70% alcohol and biocides containing glycerine and aloe vera extracts. Slide New Layer Back Support Belts
Back Support Belts - Nayble lumbar support belt - nayble New Layer Our range of Back Support Belts are designed to support and improve back posture, thus treating and managing lower back pain, waist slimming and training Back Support - Nayble Back Support - Nayble
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Disinfectants (7)



Clinell Universal Disinfectant Spray – 500ml

£3.99 £3.49 £4.19 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

  • Clinell Universal Spray 500ml
  • Surface Disinfection and Cleaning of non-invasive Medical Devices
  • Product Code: CDS500

Case Information

  • Case Quantity: 12 units
  • Case Dimensions: 335x220x290(mm)
  • Net Weight: 6.9 kgs
  • Gross Weight: 7.4 kgs

3 PLY Disposable Face Masks (Box of 50)

£4.99 £5.99 (Inc VAT )

Products Features

  • Box of 50 Disposable 3 PLY Face Masks
  • High-efficiency protective grade material
  • Multilayer stereoscopic design
  • High-quality bridge strips are easy to fix
  • High elastic earring is comfortable to wear
  • Skin-friendly breathable for adult face shape
  • Three layers of protection
  • Breathable Ventilate
  • CE Mark

Clinell Body Fluid Spill Disinfectant Disposable Wipes

£7.99 £4.99 £5.99 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

  • Clinell Body Fluid Spill Disinfectant Wipes is the first of its kind and will change the way blood and bodily fluid spills are dealt with
  • They are a direct replacement for current blood spill kits which consist of chlorine tablets and granules, diluters and scoopers
  • The traditional method is a time-consuming process which is often neglected by nursing staff due to the inconvenience of using such products
  • This innovative product will have a major effect on dealing with spills and will save hospital time and money as well as increase compliance
  • The kit consists of a super absorbent pad, measuring 40x40cm, containing a special 2 layered non woven covered with a plastic backing
  • This pad will absorb up to a litre of fluid and once absorbed the fluid will trigger an oxidative reaction within the pad itself which will neutralise all the pathogens within the spill

Clinell Contiplan All in One Cleansing Cloths – Pack of 25 Wipes

£5.99 £4.99 £5.99 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

  • Contiplan Wipes - Large  25 Wipes
  • Barrier protection - The incorporated dimethicone barrier protects against prolonged exposure to faeces and urine aiding quicker healing.
  • Cleansing - Mild, soap-free cleansing formula clean away faeces and urine effectively in one go, reducing the amount of skin handling. The cloths have a gentle scent to help with odours, allowing the patient to feel fresh and comfortable.
  • Moisturising - Added moisturises, from the cream-based formula, help prevent the risk of dry skin which happens when repeatedly washing with soap and water.
  • Hypoallergenic - Dermatologically tested with skin-neutral pH
  • Product code: CON25
  • NHSSC: VJT188
  • Expiry date: 12/2022

Disposable 3 PLY Face Masks (50 Per Box)

£9.99 £6.99 £8.39 (Inc VAT )

Products Features

  • Disposable 3 PLY Face Masks - Box of 50 Masks
  • High-efficiency protective grade material
  • Multilayer stereoscopic design
  • High-quality bridge strips are easy to fix
  • High elastic earring is comfortable to wear
  • Skin-friendly breathable for adult face shape
  • Three layers of protection

Dr Johnson’s Antibacterial Antiseptic Disinfectant Original – 500ml

£1.99 £1.49 £1.79 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

  • Dr Johnson Disinfectant is safe, gentle and antiseptic making it perfect for family use
  • Its powerful disinfectant action helps to kill 99,9 % of bacteria including E.Coli making it ideal for household cleaning too
  • Dr Johnsons Antiseptic Disinfectant contains amongst other ingredients: Benzalkonium Chloride 1.2 % w/w as active substance, Perfume, Limonene Conforms to BS EN1276:2009 and kills 99,9% Bacteria

Gojo Mild Antimicrobial Foam Handwash – 250ml

£10.99 £8.99 £10.79 (Inc VAT )

Product Information

Gojo Mild Antimicrobial Foam Handwash is antimicrobial hypoallergenic hand wash for frequent use in food handling areas, healthcare and facility management with a broad spectrum efficacy1 (bacteria, yeast, viruses) it contains moisturising agents, is dye-free, fragrance-free and Triclosan free. Passed food taint test in accordance with EN 4120:2007 and it is a biocidal product PT1.

HSE First Aid Kit Premier Box 1-10 Persons

£11.99 £9.99 £11.99 (Inc VAT )

Product Features

A fully compliant 1-10 first aid kit supplied in a durable, easy access, first aid boxes with compartments to make visibility and stock checking easy. Comprehensively stocked and compliant with Health and Safety regulations. Contents
  • 6 x Cleansing Wipes.
  • 1 x Disposable Gloves Vinyl (pair).
  • 1 x Guidance Note.
  • 2 x HSE Eyepad Dressing.
  • 2 x HSE Large Dressing 18cm x 18cm.
  • 6 x HSE Medium Dressing 12cm x 12cm.
  • 20 x Assorted Washproof Plasters.
  • 6 x Safety Pins.
  • 4 x Triangular Bandage.
  • 1 x Wall Bracket.
Dimension: 240 x 180 x 75mm


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