Founded in 1996, SCITEC NUTRITION has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers. The company has its own 18,000 m2 factory. SCITEC is one of the largest manufacturers of whey protein powders, with 120 million servings sold yearly!

In this competitive world, an honest company must still strive to release products only with working, proven ingredients, even if that means they may seem less “innovative”. Scitec Nutrtion believe that this is the only way. Scitec work with products that have scienctificly proven and “gym tested” ingredients for proven results. Scitec feel that when you train hard you deserve products that are going to work just as hard for you, to help you reach your goals!

SCITEC NUTRITION is famous for its delicious shake flavors which helps makes adhering to a meal plan a lot easier, a critical factor especially when dieting!


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