Leave Humanity Behind!

Mutant is tailored for the dedicated and the hardcore…

Mutant are not interested in average, and most definitely do not settle for anything less than the best. Mutant understands the needs of the driven athlete, and they strive to produce top quality products, formulated with only the finest ingredients in the world, created in a researched and licensed facility. Outstanding products such as the widely renowned Mutant Mass, the Award winning original Number One Big Bag Muscle Mass Gainer, Mutant Madness the an intense pre-workout, or one of the most highly regarded whey isolates of all time, Mutant Iso Surge!

Mutant create these formulas, as well as top-quality video content for the hard and heavy lifting, the tough workouts and the daily grind. This lifestyle isn’t suited to everybody, and that’s how Mutant like it.


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