Applied Nutrition® has been a Leading Sports nutrition Brand from day one, right from the launch of our super popular Weight Gain product CRITICAL MASS® (10 years ago ) right through to present day where we are are growing stronger and faster than ever.

At Applied Nutrition® we understand exactly what the customer needs. From the competing athlete to the average enthusiast we provide a extensive,Tested For Athletes Unique range of Sports Performance Supplements which have been Lab Developed to fulfil any active lifestyle.

Applied Nutrition® is originally a UK founded brand with all of our products being sourced and developed within the UK & Europe.

Applied Nutrition® can be found in nearly all stores and websites across the U.K & E.U as this is where the bulk of our presence is known and respected, however that being said we are constantly growing faster and stronger throughout the rest of the world.

At Applied Nutrition® we will not settle for anything less than perfection and this is why we are constantly reviewing and re-developing our already highly researched Tested For Athletes products. We rely and act-upon the feedback and comments of all our customers as this is what drives us as a Company and as a Brand to succeed with providing nutritionally Perfect Sports Performance Supplements and establishing Applied Nutrition as the forefront of nutrition in the U.K.

Applied Nutrition® Perfection Guaranteed

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