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Air Fryer with Digital Timer Display, Healthy Cooker Grill Oven, Adjustable Temperature Airfryer for Home Use 3.6 Litre Capacity

£59.99 £71.99 (Inc VAT )
★ The air fryer is for healthy diet, fat reduction 70%, hot air fryer to make hot air circulation, do not need to pour oil, let the heatwave flow around the food, the result is fast and accurate. Because delicious fried foods are almost oil-free, crispy outside and juicy inside, you can cook healthier foods and reduce fat by 80%. ★ A variety of cooking, frying, grilling, baking and baking air fryers Multifunctional cookware is basically a fryer, oven and grill. Now you can easily fry, bake, bake and grill all your favourite foods with the cookware! ★ The capacity of the home air fryer is 3.6 Litre. Rated power: 1500W, rated frequency 50hz, it is designed for the whole family and is suitable for any kitchen cabinet. After preparing delicious and tender fried chicken on special days, easily clean the inner surface of the non-stick coating. Disassemble the frying basket to clean the fry basket. ★ Easy to use and clean, the air fryer provides temperature control. Adjustable temperature control: Air fryer provides up to 200 degrees temperature control, 30-minute timer, overheat protection and easy to disassemble oil sump for easy handling - put food in the basket, add a small amount of oil as needed, then select temperature and time. Fast cooking performance and very short warm-up time allow you to prepare meals for the entire family in record time. ★ Provide the best air fryer for your kitchen. If you have any questions about healthy fryers, please feel free to contact us, so please buy this fryer, fry, roast, roast, and bake delicious food for you and your family confidently!