The instructions of washing hands regularly, staying 6 feet from the ones you do not live with, wearing a mask for covering mouth and nose has recently been heard by many of us. These instructions were circulated during the Corona Virus Pandemic. Medically referred to as SARS- COV- 2 the infection hosts over the small respiratory droplets that spread from the nose or mouth of an individual who is infected with the disease. Any individual can get infected from the droplets if these land on the nose or mouth of someone or is inhaled by a person. The virus can spread in compact spaces with bad ventilation. Individuals infected by Covid 19 are contagious even before the development of the symptoms. There are asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals and it is necessary that anyone suffering from high fever, cold and cough distance themselves from others and get a test done. Until vaccinated one could be safe by following a safe distance from others and ensuring proper mask usage.